Hi Temp Green Polyester Tape 200°C 40mm x 66mtr


    40mm x 66mtr

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    Hi Temp Green polyester tape 200°C 40mm x 66mtr.

    Hi Temp Green polyester tape 200°C 40mm x 66mtr. Powder coating and anodizing applications. Clean removal, no adhesive residue. 0,05 mm polyester, 0,04 mm silicone adhesive.

    This is an excellent product designed for the powder coating, e – coating and anodising industries. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 200C, using a specially formulated “locked” silicone adhesive allows the product to perform well in extreme temperature without losing its low tack qualities which allows clean removal from surfaces after coating. Having excellent chemical resistance the tape can also be used in chemical etching, and wet spray painting using thinners and oil based primers.

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