19 mm Self Amalgamating Repair Tape

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    19mm x 10mtr
    Black 'EPR Rubber Based'

    19 mm Self Amalgamating Repair Tape Rubber Waterproof Sealing.

    19 mm Self Amalgamating Repair Tape. A very useful derivative of insulating tape which can be used for waterproofing connections. To use, the top protective layer is peeled off and the rubbery self- amalgamating tape underneath is wrapped tightly around the connection to be waterproofed. Eventually, the layers of this tape will merge together and create a waterproof seal.

    Tape is primarily designed for the insulation of joints and terminations of high voltage power and distribution cable systems up to 38kv. It acts as an excellent watertight seal in many jointing applications especially in polyethylene sleeve joints on telephone cables both above and below ground. Particularly good for pipe protection against corrosion.

    This tape is also highly recommended for automotive work and also aerial installations, particularly those for satellite TV where cables enter the LNB and polariser. The tape is black, 19mm wide and is supplied on 10m reels.


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