Vinyl Tape White Manuli 808 48mm x 66mtr

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    50mm x 66mtr White.

    Vinyl Tape White Manuli 808 48mm x 66mtr.

    Vinyl Tape White Manuli 808 48mm x 66mtr. Resist wear, weathering and abrasion. Combining vinyl backings and rubber adhesives, they’re ideal for marking lanes, indicating safety hazards and color coding in factories, warehouses, parking lots and much more…


    Self adhesive carton sealing tapes come in a great variety of different guises, different film and adhesive formulations often make it difficult to accurately compare like for like. Of all of these we stock the three most commonly used types to be found on the market. First there is P.V.C. generally just referred to as vinyl. This used to be the accepted bench mark self adhesive tape, with its 35mµ. film thickness, silent and slow release characteristics as well as the ability to tear the film using nothing more than your fingertips, thus avoiding the need for a dispenser.


    This particular type of tape has seen a decline in usage over recent years due to the introduction of the more competitive silent release tapes. These are basically a polypropylene tape that has a particular combination of adhesive and film properties that allow its release characteristics to be very similar to those of vinyl. The most notable difference being that this type of tape is very difficult to tear using your fingertips alone and is best used in a tape dispenser with an integral blade.


    Lastly there is the standard polypropylene tape (often advertised simply as box sealing tape), this type although being the most competitively priced, still has incredible strength and is very widely used in all sorts of packing environments. Most easily recognised by its rapid release from the roll, often accompanied by a loud noise, this tape is best used on a dispenser with an adjustable brake.



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