White Biodegradable Loosefill Biofil Chips

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    ‘S’ Profile (Bags = 15cuft or .425m3)

    White Biodegradable Loosefill Biofil Chips.

    White Biodegradable Loosefill Biofil Chips. All round product protection. Loosefill Bio packaging chips are extremely durable and…

    • Fast flowing, easy to use.
    • Save on packaging waste.
    • Reusable.
    • Biofil is 100% antistatic, biodegradable, and conforms to EN-13432.
    • ‘S’ shape, the proven interlocking characteristic inhibits product migrating in box.

    biofil™ is a revolutionary 100% natural biodegradable loosefill that is inexpensive and protects your product as well as the environment with none of the negative impacts associated with polystyrene. It is the lowest static loose fill available so is ideal for applications in the electronic or mail-order industry. • Environmentally friendly • Lightweight • Dust free • Low static.

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