VoidFix Packing Paper



    Roll Dimensions

    370mm x 640mtr 60gsm

    Pack Size


    VoidFix Packing Paper is a new paper voidfill system designed to protect your goods whilst they are in transit. VoidFix is a really great alternative to loose-fill materials because it’s so simple to use and provides a very effective packaging solution. There’s considerably less mess when compared to using polystyrene chips, shredded paper or paper ‘peanuts’. It has excellent bulking properties and doesn’t crush the contents of a box. You need a lot less space to store VoidFix packing paper when compared to loose-fill.

    Plus it’s Eco-friendly (100% Recyclable) and easy to dispose of after use!

    VoidFix is supplied to you in a purpose-made dispenser box, ready to go. With two handholds, making It easy to carry, you can position it wherever you are working for convenience. With approx. 640 meters on every small roll you’ll be delighted with how much space you can fill with just one box.

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