activaPaper® Gummed Tape Dispenser NK4000


    48 x 33 x 28 cm



    Meet activaPaper®

    activaPaper® Gummed Tape Dispenser NK4000 is a wet adhesive tape/strip dispenser that moistens the tape adhesive before it is applied to a cardboard box for maximum speed, strength, and tamper-evident security.

    activaPaper Gummed Tape Dispenser NK4000


    Advantages of activaPaper®:

    🟢 Built with a simple rugged design that will provide years of hassle-free use.
    🟢 100% Eco-friendly way to pack boxes.
    🟢 Top heater – For quick, strong application.
    🟢 Speed! Larger water container for fewer refills, less downtime.
    🟢 Quick and easy tape refills.
    🟢 Clean and dust-free.
    🟢 Safety interlock switch: disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open.

    🟢 The activaPaper® gummed paper tape dispenser is suitable for both standard and reinforced tape up to 70mm wide.

    🟢 Automatic, up to 30m/min function that allows the operator to insert specific lengths on which the machine then automatically dispenses the next piece of tape ready to go.


    Production speed30m / min.
    Weight12 KG
    Dimensions48x33x28 cm
    Power consumption200-230 V
    colourWhite blue
    Suitable forWet adhesive tape (standard or reinforced) in 70mm width

    So after all that, why even use Gummed Paper Tape?

    🟢 Made from 100% Recyclable & Eco-Friendly materials!
    🟢 Natural look for that eco-friendly touch.
    🟢 Extremely long shelf life!
    🟢 Seals to boxes in all weather conditions, hot or cold!
    🟢 Cures quickly, no tape peeling off the box!
    🟢 Better seal than some of the most expensive self-adhesive tapes on the market.
    🟢 High-security tamper-evident seal with reinforced option.
    🟢 Large 200mtr rolls, less downtime changing rolls over.
    🟢 Cost-effective replacement for Self-Adhesive Paper Tape equivalents.
    🟢 The list goes on…

    The answer is in activaPaper® book your free demo today! Our sales representative can pay your team a visit and show you all the benefits of this excellent new alternative to std packing tapes!

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