750mm Large Biodegradable Bubble Wrap


    750mm Large 25mm Bubbles 'Bio Film With Green Tint'

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    Pack 2

    750mm Large Biodegradable Bubble Wrap 50mtr Length.

    750mm Large Biodegradable Bubble Wrap is a pliable green material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled(“bubbles”) provide cushioning for precious or breakable items. It is lightweight and easy to cut and use. It is ideal for many types of items which need protecting.

    Biodegradable bubble wrap is an innovative and environmentally friendly protective packaging solution. The product has a totally degradable additive blended into the resin during production to ensure it breaks down quickly in landfill and is absorbed back into the soil with no harmful residues.

    • 100% BioDegradable, reduced pollution and greenhouse gases.
    • Tear and puncture resistant.
    • Environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable product.
    • Non-slip surface, prevents goods from moving in transit.
    • Controlled product life reduces landfill waste.
    • Bio-bubble wrap has a shelf life of two years.
    • Bio-bubble is reusable.
    • Bio bubble will breakdown using Biodegradation.

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