750mm Small Clear Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap 100mtr


    10mm Bubbles 'Heavy Duty'
    750mm x 100mtr

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    Pack 2

    750mm Small Clear Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap 100mtr.

    750mm Small Clear Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap 100mtr is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (“bubbles”) provide cushioning for precious or breakable items. It is lightweight and easy to cut and use. It is ideal for many types of items which need protecting. Clean and very simple to use. Please see our other range of bubble wrap, plenty of sizes in stock! These small heavy duty bubbles will add extra protection to your goods while in transit.

    • Heavy Duty Bubble wrap gives the perfect solution for protecting valuable and fragile items through posting & mailing, packaging, storage and transit.
    • Bubble wrap offers excellent protection for small items and interleaving. The bubbles form a protective cushion around your product.
    • Bubble wrap rolls are wound on a cardboard core for easy dispensing.
    • Strong, flexible and lightweight. Tear and moisture resistant. Superior bubble protection from shock, vibration and abrasion.
    • Sizes stated in the item title reads HEIGHT or WIDTH of roll x the number of metres of wrap on each roll.

    Bubble wrap is also available on our Supplies Direct site.

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