900mm Spray Masking Paper Auto Spraying


    180mtr x 45gsm

    Pack size


    900mm Spray Masking Paper Auto Spraying.

    900mm Spray Masking Paper Auto Spraying. Formulated for the spray painting industry this product is widely used for masking vehicles and other items to give you the perfect finish.

    Spray Masking Paper is tightly bonded, specially coated and manufactured specifically for automotive aftermarket applications. This superior masking paper offers the ultimate penetration resistance from all solvents used in todays gelcoat and paint systems. The bonded formulation reduces contamination of freshly painted and varnished surfaces with paper fibers. Excellent conformability means it attaches easily to a range of shapes. It is designed to be used with masking tapes.

    Also available are a wide range of masking tapes for auto spraying applications in our tapes and adhesive section.

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