Mobile Trolley For Ribbon Wound Banding

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    Mobile Trolley For Ribbon Wound Banding Only ( Inc Tray For Clips ).

    Mobile Trolley For Ribbon Wound Banding. Ribbon Wound dispensers are designed to speed up and simplify the application of strapping. Our range of dispensers are specifically designed for our Steel Banding.

    Ribbon wound steel strapping from A&A Packaging is a popular method of strapping and securing heavy, sharp edged or irregular loads. The material itself is cold rolled steel. The description “Ribbon wound” refers to the method by which the strap is wound into a coil. The steel strap is wound so that each layer of strapping is wound directly over the one below. This means that the width of the coil, when measured, is the same exact width as. the strapping itself.

    The advantage of buying steel strapping coils that are made this way is improved safety and storage, particularly when compared to “oscillated steel strap”. Each steel strapping coil is supplied in a tightly packed corrugated outer. This makes the strapping itself safe and easy to handle and carry.

    A&A Packaging supplies steel strapping in the 3 most popular widths on the market, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm wide. The thickness of the strap itself, on all 3 widths of strapping, is 0.5mm thick. Also, with a variety of breaking strains there is a strapping in our range to suit all possible applications.

    Popular with the building and export industries, steel strapping is used where very heavy or sharp edged loads require securing. As opposed to polypropylene strapping, which may not prove as robust where sharp or protruding edges are apparent, steel strapping gives extra strength and security.

    • Mobile trolley for ribbon wound steel strapping.
    • Includes: tray for seals and tools.
    • Weight 15.3kgs.


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