20mic Pallet Wrap Blue Blown 400mm x 300mtr

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    20mic performance 'Megastretch'

    20mic Pallet Wrap Blue Blown 400mm x 300mtr performance ‘Megastretch plus’

    20mic Pallet Wrap Blue Blown. Put your pallet loads in their place with this super high-tack film.

    Stabilise your pallets and prevent loss in transit.

    SECURITY: tear-resistant film holds without tape or adhesives. Keeps pallet loads together even under rough handling conditions.

    STRONG: will not crack even in cold temperature conditions. Suitable also for pallets in deep freeze storage.

    EXTRA SAFE: Blue stretch film keeps the pallet contents covered and away from prying eyes.

    COLOUR ID: The blue colour is great for pallet identification.

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