Dunnage Bags



    Pack Size



    1200 x 900mm



    Dunnage bags offer unparalleled performance in securing loads during transportation, as they accurately void fill spaces, therefore reducing the risk of damage.

    Dunnage airbags consist of closed chambers made from an elastic film filled with air. When at rest, only the static load generated by the weight of the package contents bears upon the cushioning. When dynamic loads occur, these are absorbed by compression of the cushion.

    Commonly used in containers, trains and ships, our easy-to-use, dunnage airbags inflate in seconds using a simple, yet effective ‘Turbo Flow’ air gun to fill awkward voids between your products, preventing loads from shifting or falling during transportation.

    Available in polypropylene, these lightweight, but heavy-duty woven airbags are resistant against punctures and moisture, and will ‘mould’ around the product, providing a tremendous load force to ensure secure and hassle-free haulage.

    Popular across a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, oil, and paper, dunnage bags have proven to be a fast and efficient way of optimising heavy load security.

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