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Consumers Share Their Experiences On Eco-friendly Packaging

Almost one in five consumers (19%) have said they would not buy from online retailers who do not use sustainable packaging, according to a survey published today (1 November, 2021).

Consumers Share Their Experiences On Eco-friendly Packaging

UK consumers share their experiences of opening online deliveries. The survey was completed by 600 people over the summer and covered online purchases from the fashion, food & drink, home & garden, and health & beauty sectors, with products ranging from cosmetics to large home appliances.

With national lockdown restrictions in place throughout the first part of 2021, consumers increasingly turned to the internet to meet their shopping needs while they remained at home. The survey showed that 88% of respondents said they spent more time shopping online during the pandemic and, of those, 64% said this behaviour would not change in the future, with 30% of consumers saying that they are likely to increase their online shopping.

Confirming the rise of the eco-conscious shopper, 97% of respondents said they follow recycling instructions where possible. However, 14% advised they were unsure about the recyclability of the packaging they received due to no instructions regarding disposal. This highlights the need for clear directions for end-users to understand how to dispose of their packaging responsibly.

Other highlights of the survey include:

  • Delivery: 96% of respondents said they favoured home delivery over click and collect, with 55% selecting home delivery for convenience, and 40% taking advantage of free delivery.
  • Sustainability: 73% of respondents thought that the packaging they received was recyclable.
  • Packaging branding: There was an increase in deliveries with unbranded packaging, growing from 32% in 2020 to 45% in 2021, suggesting that an increasing number of online retailers are missing the opportunity to connect with customers through an immersive unboxing experience that represents their brand.
  • Damages: There was a slight increase in the percentage of damaged deliveries, increasing from 5% in 2020 to 9% in 2021.

The survey was carried out across the summer of 2021, with respondents sharing images of their unboxing experience as well as completing the survey. The results are designed to provide retailers with valuable feedback from consumers.

The experience of opening a package containing a product ordered online has become known as “unboxing”.  Video and consumer reviews of not only products but the packaging that they arrive in are an important consideration for retailers.

Shrinkflation hits big brands due to the falling pound

Shrinkflation hits big brands due to the falling pound, shrinking pack sizes in a bid to fight off passing price rises to consumers.

Shrinkflation hits big brands due to the falling poundAccording to reports in The Grocer, Doritos, Peparami and Coc Pops have all reduced the size of packs at a time when costs are rising due to the falling pound.

The move has been dubbed ‘shrinkflation’ with a sharing bag of Doritos reduced from 200g to 180g, although the price remains £1.99. Peperami snacks have also come down from 25g to 22.5g. A large box of Coco Pops has been reduced from 800g to 720g.

However, Kellogg’s – the owner for Coco Pops – said that the reduction in sugar was responsible for the drop in pack weight.

Doritos owner PepsiCo said that fluctuating foreign exchange rates are hitting the cost of materials, while Peperami said that it has also been subject to rising commodity costs.