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Cardboard Shredding Machines

Cardboard Shredding Machines, eco-friendly, cost effective solution.

Cardboard Shredding Machines

Cardboard Shredding Machines. Optimax Shredders are the eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to providing on-demand loosefill from waste cardboard.

Optimax Shredders combat the fluctuating costs of traditional loosefill whilst also providing a 100% environmentally friendly solution to your cardboard waste.

Solve all your voidfill packaging problems with this simple solution. Turn your waste cardboard into your own voidfill, be efficient and environmental…go Ecopax.

Waste converters turn small quantities of cardboard into lots of packaging material within a short time. They create either padding material or flat padding mats which reduce packaging costs and are ecologically beneficial.

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Airtech Meteor Protection Machine

Airtech MeteorAirtech Meteor

Airtech Meteor Machine

Airtech Meteor is a cost saving solution to ensure the safe transit of your product, whilst saving you time, and improving efficiency.

There is space saving with Airtech Meteor!

With each small roll of film it is the equivalent to 5-6 bags of loosefill.

The Airtech system is a highly developed air bag system providing a fast and efficient solution at the touch of a button. Available in two configurations, air-pillows and quilted air cushioning, Airtech Meteor is a fully intergratable into any packing process however sophisticated.

Due to its compact size and light weight this air cushion machine is ideal for use in areas where space is limited. it dispenses two types of air cushion so is versatile and can used for voidfill and wrapping applications. it is very easy to use and has minimal moving parts making it very reliable and maintenance free.

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