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Why the penguin (Our customer service commitment)

Why the penguin

Why the penguin Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)

Why the penguin

At over 1mtr tall and weighing up to 40kg the emperor penguin is the largest of all the penguins. ‘Essential Protection’ Why the penguin has never been truer of these birds…During the 9 week protection of their eggs the male penguins huddle in groups of up to 5000 to survive the harsh Antarctic winter.

When the incubation is over the male can head for the sea to feed for the first time in around four months, in this time it would have lost around half its body weight. It must now undertake an arduous journey of up to 100 kilometer’s across the ice in the search for food for his chick.

A&A pride themselves in looking¬†after their customers in the relative thoroughness shown in these wonderful birds. Going the extra mile to satisfy and fulfill all our customers’ requirements. This is topped with a quality commitment on all product lines to ensure the best protection for your goods.

This is how our strapline ‘Essential Protection’ was born.