activaWrap 3D Wrapping Paper




    380 mm – 250 mtr

    Pack Size


    activaWrap 3D Wrapping Paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap.

    activaWrap 3D Wrapping Paper

    Expand the brown die-cut activaWrap 3D Wrapping Paper into a 3D structure by pulling out the paper for a professional and secure finish. Available with a desktop dispenser for ease of use, this product is ideal for protecting fragile goods in transit as an alternative to the less environmentally friendly Polythene Bubble Wrap.


    • Ideal for smaller companies with less storage space.
    • Very good shock protection for fragile items!
    • 100% Environmentally friendly alternative to polythene Bubble Wrap.
    • Self-securing for the perfect presentation, no tape or glue required!
    • Produces the equivalent to five rolls of 300mm – 100mtr Bubble Wrap.


    Weight15 kg
    Roll width380 mm
    Roll length250 running meters
    Dispenser casingmetal (1045)


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