Eco Line Reinforced

    Pack Size

    36 Rolls


    Bio-Based Fiberglass

    Eco Line Reinforced is a heavy-duty packing tape with a robust flatback paper backing reinforced with over 40% bio-based material and glass filaments.

    The high-performance hot melt adhesive and reinforced backing make this product the
    ideal choice for the heaviest-duty packaging.

    The particular adhesive formulation ensures an
    excellent tack and adhesion on the cardboard with consequent tamper-evident characteristics.

    40% of the raw materials contained in this tape come from natural resources. It can be disposed of together with the box in the paper bin and collected without affecting the
    paper and cardboard recycling process, in accordance with INGEDE certification.
    FSC® certified tape is available on demand.

    • Very high adhesion
    • Strong holding power
    • Excellent tensile strength
    • Not hand-tearable
    • Tamper evident

    Sustainable Features:
    • Recycling-friendly tape according to
    INGEDE Method 12
    • >40% bio-based paper
    • FSC® certified tape available on demand

    Main Applications:
    • Medium/ High duty carton sealing
    • Manual packaging
    • Non-critical bundling, splicing and

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