60 x 69 x 86 Mattress Covers Clear

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    Roll of 50


    1500 x 1750 x 2150mm 250g 'Single to Double'

    60 x 69 x 86 Mattress Covers Clear.

    60 x 69 x 86 Mattress Covers Clear, covers that quickly slip onto a Queen size mattress to keep it clean and dry during house removals.

    MATTRESS COVERS CLEAR POLYTHENE 250G 60x69x86″ ‘QUEEN’  (60 per roll).

    This is a large polythene gusset style bag (1st size is unopened width, 2nd size is open width, 3rd size is length ) Thickness 250g ( similar to thick bin liner ). It is used as a temporary cover for a mattress during moving or storage.

    The cover is pleated along the sides and opens out to 86 inches wide. This provides sufficient depth to fit any double or Queen mattress. The durable plastic cover protects against dust, dirt and water so your mattress arrives undamaged in your new home.

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