Orange Net Bags


    500 x 800mm 'Leno Plastic Mesh' With Black Draw String

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    Pack 50

    Orange Net Bags.

    Orange Net Bags also known as mesh bags or net sacks provide excellent product visibility.  The woven net bags or knitted net bags use a fabric which provides high strength and makes them ideal for agricultural products such as bags for potatoes, carrot net bags, onion net sacks and mesh sacks or mesh bags for vegetables.

    In addition to use as net bags for vegetables, other uses for mesh bags includes bags for shellfish, log nets, kindling nets and firewood nets.

    • When used as net bags for vegetables or wood our mesh bags allow the vegetables to breathe or the logs to dry.
    • When used as bags for shellfish our net bags allow the water to drain away freely.
    • Size: 500 x 800mm ‘Leno Plastic Mesh’ With Black Draw String.

    In addition to knitted net bags and woven net bags, mono filament net bags are available.  The monofilament fabric has a smooth surface and monofilament net bags are ideal for products such as firewood that may snag on woven mesh bags fabric.

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