750mm Small Biodegradable Bubble Wrap


    750mm x 100mtr Small 10mm Bubbles 'Bio Film With Green Tint'

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    750mm Small Biodegradable Bubble Wrap is a pliable green material commonly used for packing and posting fragile items.

    Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled (“bubbles”) provide cushioning for precious or breakable items. It is lightweight and easy to cut and use.

    750mm Small Biodegradable Bubble Wrap is an innovative and environmentally friendly protective packaging solution. The product has a totally degradable additive blended into the resin during production to ensure it breaks down quickly in landfill and is absorbed back into the soil with no harmful residues!

    1. 100% Biodegradable, reduced pollution and greenhouse gases.
    2. Tear and puncture resistant.
    3. Environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable product.
    4. Non-slip surface, prevents goods from moving in transit.
    5. Controlled product life reduces landfill waste.
    6. Has a shelf life of two years.
    7. Fully reusable.
    8. Will breakdown using Biodegradation.


    For more great eco-friendly products, please see our Eco Packaging page.

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    Biofil™ Biodegradable Loose-fill

    Pack size



    ‘S’ Profile (Bags = 15cuft or .425m3)

    Biofil™ Biodegradable Loose-fill. For all round eco-friendly product protection.

    • Fast flowing, and easy to use.
    • Save on packaging waste.
    • Reusable.
    • Biofil importantly is 100% antistatic, biodegradable, and conforms to EN-13432.
    • ‘S’ shape, the proven interlocking characteristic inhibits product migrating in a box.

    Biofil™ is a 100% natural loose-fill that is inexpensive and protects your product as well as the environment with none of the negative impacts associated with polystyrene. It is the lowest static loose fill available so is ideal for applications in the electronic or mail-order industry.

    For more on this product please contact the sales team, they are always happy to help!



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    Grip PaperFlex


    Roll 1087 (Disp 0125)


    380 mm – 250 mtr

    Pack Size


    Grip PaperFlex 3


    Your alternative to plastic bubble wrap, without any compromise on quality.

    Grip PaperFlex is your protective honeycomb solution to plastic bubble wrap. Fully compostable and eco-friendly, organisations globally are improving their carbon footprint with our paper alternative solutions. If you’re currently using plastic bubble wrap, this revolutionary paper wrap makes your journey towards a more sustainable future much easier, without any compromise on protection or quality.


    • Ideal for smaller companies with less storage space.
    • Very good shock protection for fragile items!
    • 100% Environmentally friendly alternative to polythene Bubble Wrap.
    • Self-securing for the perfect presentation, no tape or glue required!
    • Produces the equivalent to0 five rolls of 300mm – 100mtr Bubble Wrap.

    Contact us today and book your Free demonstration!

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    Fortress Paper Tape Machine


    48 x 33 x 28 cm



    Pack Size


    Fortress Paper Tape Machine is a wet adhesive tape/strip dispenser that moistens the adhesive before it is applied to a cardboard box for maximum speed, strength, and tamper-evident security.

    Fortress gummed paper tape is a high-quality tape that comes in two variations, heavy-duty reinforced tape and lighter-duty tape. The heavy-duty reinforced tape is designed for industrial and commercial applications that require strong, reliable tape. The lighter-duty tape is ideal for sealing lightweight packages.

    Advantages of the Fortress Paper Tape Machine:

    • Simple rugged design that will provide years of hassle-free use.
    • 100% Eco-friendly way to pack boxes.
    • Top heater – For a quick, strong application.
    • Speed! Larger water container for fewer refills, and less downtime.
    • Quick and easy tape refills.
    • Clean and dust-free.
    • Safety interlock switch: disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open.
    • The Fortress Paper Tape Machine is suitable for standard and reinforced tape up to 70mm wide.
    • Automatic, up to 30m/min function that allows the operator to insert specific lengths on which the machine then automatically dispenses the next piece of tape ready to go.

    Book your Free demo today! Our sales representative can visit your team and show you all the benefits of this excellent new alternative to std packing tapes!

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    Paperstrap Paper Strapping

    Pack Size


    Product Dimensions

    12mm – 2000m

    The Paper Strapping alternative to Plastic Strapping!

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping is a recyclable alternative to polypropylene plastic strapping. Designed to be used with friction weld hand-held banding tools and semi automatic machines.

    Strap, bundle and secure parcels and products in an environmentally friendly way whilst maintaining stability and protection. One of the problems with conventional polypropylene or polyester strapping is that they are difficult to recycle and you’ll often discover it has been put into landfill or it ends up in the countryside on verges in rivers or even in the oceans.

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping is made from paper from a sustainable source, is compostable and recyclable – an obvious solution to help reduce single use plastic waste.

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping

    Change The Way You Approach Strapping. Become More Environmentally Sustainable Today!

    For more on Paperstrap, please contact the sales team, they are always happy to help!

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    Size: 750mm x 100mtr Small 10mm Bubbles 'Bio Film With Green Tint'
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    Size: ‘S’ Profile (Bags = 15cuft or .425m3)
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    Size: 48 x 33 x 28 cm
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