Core Collection

    Core Collection

    Pack Size



    H 863mm D 591mm W 797mm

    Core Recycling Program

    Closed Loop Recycling

    Paving the way to sustainable packaging processes

    Eliminate any risk of injury from loose cores being left on the ground with our Core Collection boxes. These boxes fit neatly onto your pallet, back to back.

    Recycling has become an integral part of our sustainability journey and we’re committed to helping you with yours. Simply request your pallet box from your nearest distributor and let us know when it’s full.

    Core Collection

    Easily drop your empty cores into the box and when it’s full up, we’ll collect the pallet and recycle the cores. Alternatively, use the pallet box as a way to tidy up the warehouse and store used cores, eliminating health and safety risks and responsibly recycle the cores internally.

    With no film left on the cores, it’s a simple and effective process to recycle the used cores.

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