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    What is PaperFill?

    Grip PaperFill is an environmentally friendly void fill alternative to eliminate single-use plastic fillers such as packing beans. Paper fillers offer excellent shock absorbency and protection for any product, reducing the risk of breakages in transit.

    Flexible, Fast, Eco.

    Your eco-friendly, fully recyclable, portable void fill system. Reduce waste and fill costs by only using exactly what you need, with no pre-cut lengths. Requiring no time-consuming refills or reloading, maximise the efficiency of your operations, considerably reducing costs.

    Simple and fast to use, simply pull the consumable, rip, and fill your box; no manual scrunching is required. Easily lock your items in place without any compromise on quality or negative environmental impact. 

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    Compact design, easy to operate

    The very compact design requires little storage space and can be easily moved around packing stations and warehouses.

    Grip Paperfill 7100% Eco-friendly

    Recycled and recyclable, there are no pre-cut lengths, reducing both fill costs and waste in your packing operation.

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    Low-cost, ready-to-use

    No expensive machinery or set up costs involved, also eliminating the cost of electricity, and breakdown and service charges.

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    Height adjustable dispenser

    Strong and easy to operate, the steel tray can be moved to any position, enabling the operator to customise their working environment for speed and efficiency.

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