Grip SuperFlow Auto

    Grip SuperFlow Auto

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    Maximise space and time with our SuperFlow paper void fill machine including cutting technology, a cost-effective solution designed to swiftly create paper void fill for your packaging needs. Effortlessly producing paper cushioning to protect your goods, this machine minimises movement in transit and absorbs impacts within packages, ensuring items arrive in their original state.

    This popular machine features an automatic cutting function, allowing you to instantly fill boxes with the precise amount of paper fill required, eliminating product wastage. Crafted from recycled paper, our biodegradable void fill is an eco-conscious choice for your packaging operations.

    Key Features of this machine include its user-friendly design, making it simple to load and operate, while swiftly filling spaces and voids to provide exceptional protection and cushioning against impacts. Complete with a foot pedal and manual control settings, SuperFlow allows the operator to adjust and customise the paper length according to requirements.

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