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    The world’s most versatile water-activated tape dispenser!

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    First to market, the Grip Taper is an automatic water-activated tape dispenser, enabling biodegradable reinforced paper tape to be used by operators anywhere. Many operations globally turned to multifunctional tape dispensers to improve their carbon footprint. Reinforced paper tape provides high security and protection to your parcels, without putting a damper on your environmental efforts.

    Handheld and battery-operated, there are no limits to where the taper can go, overcoming the limitations of desktop machines. The Taper has multiple tape length and speed settings, enabling the user to adjust as required. Although the machines are very compact and mobile, they are also designed to work just as effectively as desktop machines and only take up half the space of traditional machines.

    As part of the Grip Stack, the elevated Taper clears messy and disorganized packing benches, making the packing processes much more efficient and less stressful for the operator.

    After years of innovation and design, we’re excited to see the savings the Grip Taper brings to operations globally!


    Grip Taper 7

    Compact, Versatile, Multifunctional
    Lightweight, portable, and battery-powered, use your Taper as a desktop machine, or use it as a handheld device anywhere you need.

    Grip Taper 5

    Rapid refills and roll changes
    Quickly and easily refill the water tank and insert a new roll onto the spindle once finished.

    Grip Taper 4

    Multiple tape lengths and speeds
    Optimise packing efficiency with multiple different pre-set tape lengths and ejection speeds.

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