Perforated Small Bubble Wrap 400mm x 100mtr


    Perforated Every 500mm'
    400mm x 100mtr

    Pack size

    Pack 3

    Perforated Small Bubble Wrap 400mm x 100mtr.

    Our Perforated Small Bubble Wrap 400mm x 100mtr on a perforated roll protects your product with long term cushioning properties. Protection is maintained throughout packing, transit and storage.

    This small bubble wrap is lightweight and flexible not only making it ideal for wrapping or interleaving a variety of products but also reducing delivery costs. The protective air-filled bubbles cushion fragile products to prevent breakage. Perforated small bubble wrap rolls are available in bundles of 3.

    • Perforated every 500mm roll for your convenience.
    • Protection is maintained during transit and storage.
    • Lightweight and flexible small bubble wrap.
    • Sold in packs of 3 rolls.

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