Waxed Mouldable Wrap 1000mm 150gsm x 100mtr

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    1000mm x 150gsm x 100mtr

    Waxed Mouldable Wrap 1000mm 150gsm x 100mtr.

    Waxed Mouldable Wrap 1000mm 150gsm x 100mtr If you need a guaranteed seal from corrosion every time… this is the product for you… being able to mould this around the product gives you a perfect seal against the elements.

    Grease and water-proof Waxed Moldable Wrap material was originally used for military packaging (not to be be confused with military standard) and is manufactured to the MIL-B-121 standard.
    Waxed Moldable Wrap is made from a plastic foil, a weave and a self-adhesive wax mixture.

    Simple to use – Small machines, motors, crankshafts etc can be easily packed using Waxed Moldable Wrap. Greases and oils remain within the product and are unable to leak. Waxed Moldable Wrap is suitable for long term storage storage, transportation and is ideal for export packaging.

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