Paperstrap Paper Strapping

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    12mm – 2000m

    The Paper Strapping alternative to Plastic Strapping!

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping is a recyclable alternative to polypropylene plastic strapping. Designed to be used with friction weld hand-held banding tools and semi automatic machines.

    Strap, bundle and secure parcels and products in an environmentally friendly way whilst maintaining stability and protection. One of the problems with conventional polypropylene or polyester strapping is that they are difficult to recycle and you’ll often discover it has been put into landfill or it ends up in the countryside on verges in rivers or even in the oceans.

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping is made from paper from a sustainable source, is compostable and recyclable – an obvious solution to help reduce single use plastic waste.

    Paperstrap Paper Strapping

    Change The Way You Approach Strapping. Become More Environmentally Sustainable Today!

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