Wooden Export Pallet Crates

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    Made To Any Size' Heat Treated For Export Regulations

    Wooden Export Pallet Crates.

    Wooden Export Pallet Crates. Close boarded timber crates – these are made entirely of solid heat-treated ISPM15 timber and are the most robust option for heavyweight export items.

    We currently manufacture a wide range of sizes for various companies so please feel free to enquire with your requirements.

    ISPM15 is the internationally recognised standard for the treatment of solid wood packaging used for exports. It helps prevent the spread of pests and diseases from one country to another , which could have potentially devastating effects on native timber species and their ecosystems. ISPM15 is a ‘passport’ for timber pallets and cases, allowing traceability and confidence that the timber used is free from infestation. Please see below a guide to countries requiring wooden packaging that meets the ISPM15 standard.

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