Protectors from Molded Pulp


    Moulded Fibre

    Protectors from Molded Pulp, also known as moulded pulp or moulded fibre, is the most environmentally friendly material for packaging.

    The Pulp is made from recycled cardboard and paper, giving new life to waste paper.  Protectors from Molded Pulp are environmentally friendly, but also durable, flexible, and stable. It is ideal for packaging high-value and fragile goods for safe transport.


    Unique Ribbed Design:

    • Dampens vibrations
    • Absorbs impacts
    • Dissipates shock energy

    Ease of Use:

    • No assembly required
    • exactly the shape and size needed for your product


    Environmentally Friendly Packaging:

    • Produced with 100% recycled paper
    • Recyclable and compostable
    • Disposable with normal waste paper

    Custom Design:

    If our standard range does not meet your needs,
    custom design and manufacturing services
    are available.


    Product brochures:

    Postal and Bottle Range

    Pulp Corner Protection


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