Friction Weld Strapping Tool

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    Easy to operate, high performance, friction weld strapping tool with vertical and horizontal applications and on uneven surfaces. The strap is tensioned, sealed and cut quickly and efficiently. The advanced and pre-programmed adjustable tensioning force control panel allows tension and sealing time to be set precisely for soft, medium or high-tension settings.

    Our friction weld tool works with PaperStrap and Polypropylene Strapping.



       ✔ High efficiency through integrated clamping and locking function.


       ✔ One-handed operation, due to ergonomic placement of the buttons.


       ✔ Low temperatures reduce the risk of injury during operation.


       ✔ Pleasant rubber grip insures good handling of the device.


       ✔ Clamping force and welding time can be adjusted in several steps.


       ✔ The robust material prevents damage from impacts and falls.


       ✔ Sealing sleeves are not required.


       ✔ Second battery included.


    Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool


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