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Why we use biodegradable products

Why we use biodegradable products

Why we use biodegradable products;

Why we use biodegradable products. Biodegradable products are products made with some components of biological or renewable materials the Bio in bioproducts relates to inputs derived from biological sources, including agriculture ( e.g. crops and crop residues dried distillers grains ) and/or food processing ( by products, residues and off – specification materials ). Forestry is another potential source of biological materials.

Why biodegradable products :

The emerging bioeconomy offers the potential to contribute significantly to the overall economy. The manufacture of bio based products provides the opportunity to benefit all participants in the value chain, in particular, primary producers may realize increased economy gains from bio-based materials derived from products that they generate, many of which have been considered Waste materials in the past.

Environmental benefits :

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacture of some bioproducts, compared to petroleum-based equivalent.
  • Increased safety for the environment, reduced toxicity and more biodegradability.
  • Sustainable production of renewable feedstock’s.

Socioeconomic benefits :

  • A diversified and stable bioeconomy sector that strengthens overall economy.
  • Farm diversification resulting from additional uses of agricultural feedstock’s.
  • Development of new industries and products.
  • Increased economic opportunities for rural communities.
  • Reduced dependence of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Health benefits :

  • Potential production of inexpensive medical drugs and vaccines.
  • Development of new drugs not available from traditional sources.