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Crown launches microsite for metal packaging designs

Crown launches microsite for metal packaging designs, along with Specialty Packaging Europe the launch has helped brand owners experience design possibilities offered by metal packaging.

Crown launches microsite for metal packaging designs


The new site ( which is available in English, French and German, highlights the company’s extensive portfolio of tin shapes and sizes along with a variety of decorative finishes, inks, varnishes and effects that can be used to enhance the appeal of the final package.

The site allows visitors to interact with 3D renderings of all of its stock tin shapes and sizes to get a better appreciation for the package from all angles.

Visitors can also search for recommended tin shapes and sizes based on the market they serve.

Crown said the ability to tailor a concept digitally has already proven invaluable to brands.

“This is a new platform which seeks to make life easier for customers and potential customers of Crown, and is just the beginning of the journey towards fuller online customer interaction,” read a statement.